What’s Trending: Designing with Dark Colors

July 13, 2022

As a homeowner, choosing a color for the exterior of your home can be a daunting task. You want a product that will deliver eye-catching curb appeal and add value to your home, so selecting a quality product with a long lifespan is critical. You are likely considering what trends are popular, color tones, and how your landscaping and surrounding elements will coordinate with the color you ultimately choose for your home.

Design trends for home exteriors continue to evolve over time. And right now, dark colors are in.

"Home design trends tend to follow a cyclical pattern. Light colors were popular for quite some time, and then farmhouse color schemes. Now we are moving into the dark colors," said Lee Ehrlich-Blair of LE Design, a Michigan-based home designer.

In years past, specifying a dark color for your home meant compromising on quality as it relates to fading. As new products make headway in the marketplace, such as composite siding, home designers across America are specifying these thicker, higher-quality materials because they require little to no maintenance and last longer in comparison to other siding materials such as wood, traditional vinyl, or fiber cement. These new material science formulations are addressing fade resistance, which is critical for darker shades that typically fade more noticeably under the sun's hot rays.

Fighting the Fade

With Everlast® Advanced Composite Siding, homeowners can use dark siding and keep fading at bay. Whether you live in an area with sweltering hot summers or bitter cold winter weather, Everlast siding's composite formula provides superior fade and weather resistance. This applies to the product's dark color options, too, such as Blue Spruce, Saddle Wood, Storm Grey, and Cabernet Red. In addition, Everlast siding is an exterior cladding solution that will not fade, crack, or rot and will keep your home's exterior from needing ongoing maintenance.

"Many manufacturers have addressed concerns with fading," explained Ehrlich-Blair. "Years ago, this wasn't the case. For example, dark greens would fade and turn chalky. Now, as a designer, we are confident in specifying products such as Everlast siding even when it comes to dark tones."

Everlast siding features a thick and solid composite substrate called C CORE®, which is made from a blend of minerals and polymer resins and then finished with a UV-stable acrylic capstock. Each Everlast siding plank is embossed with CedarTouch Finish® that gives the appearance of rough-sawn, top-grade cedar, resulting in the most authentic and UV-resistant siding on the market.

"...From Victorian to Contemporary"

"Dark colors have a place on virtually any style of home, from Victorian to contemporary," added Ehrlich-Blair. "However, how those dark colors are used can vary. Traditional Craftsman houses and Victorian-style homes typically use dark siding as the main color, while other houses only feature dark colors as an accent."

Design preferences will vary depending on the style of home, but products such as Everlast siding can help meet homeowners' growing demand for darker tones. Ehrlich-Blair explains that many of the traditional or Victorian-style houses that use darker colors will utilize a lighter color for the trim to create contrast. 

Everlast siding comes in a variety of colors and reveal widths and can be combined with other exterior materials (brick, shake siding, stone, and more) to realize your ideal vision for your home's exterior. Those preferring a monochromatic look may opt for dark siding with darker trim and accent tones. No matter the style of your home, darker colors can fit into many exterior designs.

"As far as recent popular colors are concerned, we are seeing black, brown/black, and dark brown trending right now. A lot of warm black colors are rising in use across the country," added Ehrlich-Blair. 

Lasting a Lifetime

As a homeowner, you know that a combination of curb appeal and performance are what helps add value to your home. When it comes to selecting siding, putting serious thought into a product that is durable, climate-appropriate, and requires little maintenance will yield the greatest long-term results. Of course, color is always a factor. A homeowner looks at their home each day, and it should be a source of pride.

"The biggest benefit with using Everlast siding is that it is a stable product, which is one of the things we always look for in siding and trim as designers," explained Ehrlich-Blair. "It has serious advantages over cedar and fiber cement siding."

Ehrlich-Blair noted that if a homeowner is accustomed to seeing lighter-colored siding on homes, darker shades can be startling at first. 

"If you're interested in darker colors, make sure you are looking at them on a particular house or building style that you like," Ehrlich-Blair added. "The end result might really surprise you."

Whether you are renovating your current home or investing in something new, color choice is important to ensure you are satisfied with your home for years to come. With products such as Everlast siding, homeowners can choose from trending dark colors or lighter tones to fulfill their vision for their dream house. As designing with dark colors continues to trend upward, selecting Everlast siding will ensure that your home's exterior will exceed aesthetic and performance standards for life.

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