Case Study: Marshall, VA

Farmhouse in the Foothills Gets Its Forever Siding

Marshall, VA

Tuesday November 29, 2022

The town of Marshall, VA, may be small, but it has a lot to offer residents and visitors. Originally known for agriculture, the area offers an array of must-try restaurants and wineries. This charming area is filled with historic architecture and a scenic countryside. The community goes to great lengths to preserve its long-standing buildings and picturesque views.

The town is no stranger to new construction, however, and homeowners of a custom, to-be-built, farmhouse-style home in the area wanted their new living quarters to exude some of Marshall’s essential characteristics. The final product? A home that perfectly blends modern construction with classic farmhouse style.

The homeowners gave architect Laura Bartee, AIA, LEED AP, of LLB Design, all of the design credit. Bartee worked together with the builder Brannock Enterprises who took the homeowners’ vision and made it a reality using their siding product of choice, Everlast® advanced composite siding.

“The owners wanted a low-maintenance siding product that would never require them to paint,” explained Guy Brannock of Brannock Enterprises.

“We wanted the siding to feel substantial and look authentic. We needed the horizontal siding in a wider width, and for the board and batten to mimic the typical style and proportions that we see in this area. We found that the Everlast siding line of products met all of the owners’ wishes for the home’s exterior,” explained Bartee.

Before choosing Everlast siding, the homeowners wanted to see the product for themselves installed on a home. Everlast siding representative, Jonathan Winoker with Pro Fit Sales, identified a nearby home in Richmond with Everlast siding installed on it.

“The homeowners drove to see the Richmond home and that really confirmed things for them and the project team. After that visit, we knew Everlast siding is what we were looking for,” said Bartee.

The home is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, meaning the location experiences warm and humid summers with winters that are cold and snowy. Everlast siding’s weatherability, fade resistance, and water resistance make it the ideal product to combat Marshall’s weather from season to season.

Everlast siding consists of a thick and solid composite substrate called C CORE® made from a blend of minerals and polymer resins. The product is much thicker and more durable than traditional vinyl siding, and it outperforms fiber cement siding over the long term. In addition, all Everlast siding colors feature a UV-stable acrylic capstock that allows the product to maintain a beautiful appearance for life.

The homeowners explained that one of the best qualities of their new siding is that the Natural White is so neutral – neither blue nor yellow undertones. From an aesthetic perspective, the first thing they noticed on the horizontal siding is that joints or seams are not visible. The homeowners commented that “It has a very clean look installed on the wall.”

The home features a detached garage clad in Everlast Board & Batten, also in Natural White. The white color of the siding provides a beautiful contrast with the dark roof materials (shingles and metal) as well as the black window frames and the dark-colored stone skirting installed at the base of the home.

The siding installation on the home was completed in the summer of 2022. Their project team included independent sales representative Pro Fit Sales (Newton Grove, NC), architect LLB Design (Warrenton, VA), and builder Brannock Enterprises (Amissville, VA).

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