Top trends in residential siding for 2017

January 4, 2017

For many homeowners, keeping up with the latest design trends is just as important as keeping up with regular house maintenance. Both inside and outside, there is always something new to explore, and potentially add to a home to increase its appeal and overall value.

Now more than ever, manufacturers are taking advantage of new technologies to develop solutions for both design and durability issues. As a result, the siding market has experienced a remarkable shift.

Below are a few hot siding trends for 2017:

  • Trending colors: Today’s siding either expertly matches or complements today’s most popular colors and color combinations. These colors are popular not just in the construction industry, but in fashion and other design-related industries, as well. Top-tier siding manufacturers provide a wide variety of popular colors. For example, Everlast® Advanced Composite Siding is available in a multitude of deep, rich colors. And its accessory parts can be color-matched to the siding, or provided in a white cellular PVC trim to complement any color.
  • Traditional wood exteriors: This look is back again – and it continues to be very popular for today’s homeowners. However, today you can achieve a traditional look with products that are far from traditional. In fact, some new composite siding products, such as Everlast®, perfectly imitate the grain of real cedar, but without any susceptibility to severe weather – from extreme heat to high winds, subzero temperatures, and even hail. These products’ composition also means that they never need to be painted and they have a UV-resistant acrylic cap that provides extreme fade resistance. The result is a traditional look with modern, virtually maintenance-free performance.
  • Sustainability: It’s been a trend for years, but it’s a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. And as siding products become more innovative, so do the processes behind them in an effort to deliver solutions that reduce the carbon footprint of homes and increase their energy efficiency. Everlast® Advanced Composite Siding is made with the environment in mind. From structural components to installation and cleaning methods (a regular garden-hose helps maintain its original luster), the product leaves the smallest footprint possible. More specifically, Everlast® contains:
    • 100% Recyclable content
    • Inorganic mineral construction
    • No natural wood fibers depleting natural woodland resources
    • No harmful silica dust created in cutting like some fiber cement siding products
    • Does not require the use the paint or harsh thinners

Read more about how Everlast® Advanced Composite Siding meets all of trends here.

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