Case Study: Homer, AK

Composite Siding Ideal for Alaska's Region 5 Climate

Homer, AK

Wednesday November 10, 2021

The Baywatch Condominiums in Homer, AK, is a beachside property in coastal Alaska originally constructed in 1980. On the exterior, the structure featured T1-11 wood siding that failed due to consistent exposure to sun, wind, and moisture from the sea. The owners, Baywatch Condominium Association, were looking for a solution that solved the performance issues of the failed wood siding and would enhance the building’s overall appearance.

The Baywatch Condominium Association contacted Mason’s Siding (Anchorage, AK) for a recommendation on siding solutions that would solve their current issues. After an initial presentation of siding options and several pre-work visits, the Mason’s Siding team recommended Everlast® Advanced Composite Siding, deeming it the best exterior solution to stand up to the coastal Alaskan climate.

“Everlast® is taking over coastal Alaska and Region 5 because it is the only siding product that holds up to the weather and climate,” says Dave Mason, Vice President of Mason’s Siding and Windows, the contractor responsible for the installation. “The product is exploding in popularity here because there are major fiber cement and composite wood siding failures all over Alaska.”

Not only is Everlast® ideal for the coastal Alaskan climate where sun and moisture are more prevalent, but also for what Mason refers to as Region 5, an area inclusive of some northern contiguous US states, Alaska, and Canada. The cold temperatures of Region 5 and the combination of snow and ice is no match for Everlast®. The siding will not absorb moisture so there is no cracking or splitting through yearly freeze-thaw cycles. In addition, Everlast® features a UV-stable acrylic cap stock that is molecularly-fused to the substrate. This offers a significant advantage over products with a painted surface, which are at risk of breaking down and chipping, requiring constant maintenance from building managers and homeowners.

The building is entirely clad in 10,700 sq. ft. of Everlast® siding in Harbor Blue, 6-7/8” planks.

“The work of Mason’s Siding transformed our condo building from looking like a rundown tenement into a prime beachside property,” says Skywalker Payne, Treasurer, Baywatch Condominium Association. “All of the condo owners love the quality and appearance of the new Everlast® siding renovation.”

Everlast® is a next-generation composite siding product that possesses more strength and durability than vinyl or fiber cement products. Its innovative construction process creates a lightweight plank that is durable, easy to install, and water resistant. Everlast® boasts an industry-leading warranty, ensuring that the planks will resist damage caused by termite attacks and that the product will not rot or delaminate. It is further warranted against fading, peeling, flaking, cracking, rusting, blistering, or corroding.

“It’s the finest cladding available in North America,” adds Mason.

Owners of the condo units now enjoy an impressive renovated building that serves as a key development in the area. The Harbor Blue Everlast® keeps with the theme of the beachside locale, allowing the condo to stand out as one of the top residential locations in Homer.

The Everlast® installation at the Baywatch Condominiums was completed in June 2018.

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