Case Study: Black Forest, CO

Everlast® Siding Finds Its Home in Black Forest

Black Forest, CO

Wednesday November 10, 2021

Black Forest, CO – a census-designated region bordering Colorado Springs – is an area that offers a serene setting for residents looking to raise a family near natural beauty. At the same time, sunny, high-altitude conditions present a specific set of challenges for homeowners and builders.

Here, a two-story, four-bedroom, single-family home sits 7,000 feet above sea level in an area that gets just half of the yearly rainfall compared to the national average. Lack of precipitation and constant exposure to the sun’s powerful UV rays make it hard for grass and other vegetation to thrive.

The home’s original external cladding also did not perform well. In just three or four years, the homeowner noticed that the dark red siding was fading since dark colors do not perform well in such a harsh environment.

When the search for replacement cladding began, the homeowner insisted on red. The project team knew fading could once again be an issue. To respond to this challenge, the contractor, K&H Home Solutions, recommended Everlast® advanced composite siding because of the product’s proven durability, weatherability, and most importantly, fade resistance.

“Everlast siding just made logical sense,” explained Scott Besancon, general sales manager at K&H Home Solutions. “We ultimately proposed Everlast siding because we believe in the product. We installed the same Everlast siding in Cabernet Red on another nearby home, and it just simply outperforms other products with regard to fade resistance.”

K&H and the homeowners selected Everlast siding’s 7” plank in Cabernet Red. In total, the project required 3,500 square feet of new siding to replace the failed product. The existing trim was also replaced with Everlast trim accessories in a matte white color.

“The homeowners already had to deal with multiple siding installations in a relatively short period of time because the previous siding products had failed, so our team wanted to provide a solution that would last for the life of the home,” added Besancon. “Everlast siding was that solution for us.”

Everlast siding’s superior performance is attributed to a UV-resistant acrylic capstock, and it is made from a composition of inorganic minerals and polymer resins which gives it longevity and durability. The product’s proven, nextgeneration composition ensured the homeowners that Everlast siding is the last siding they will ever need on their home.

The project was completed in the fall of 2020. In addition to Chelsea Building Products and K&H Home Solutions, the project team included siding installer Colorado Home Exteriors and building products distributor United States Building Supply.

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