Case Study: Deep Creek, MD

Everlast Siding Chosen for Climate in Western Maryland Mountains

Deep Creek, MD

Wednesday November 10, 2021

The Deep Creek Lake area in western Maryland is a community that attracts visitors from locations all along the east coast. The scenic destination appeals to travelers during all four seasons of the year. Therefore, the area is filled with a number of vacation homes and rental properties.

One of those vacation homes was purchased by the McGorry family five years ago. The home featured fiber cement siding that – after a total life span of only 10 years – was beginning to deteriorate

“We began noticing that the paint on our fiber cement siding was starting to peel and also crumbling in damp spots,” said homeowner Shawn McGorry. “We experience severe weather in the western Maryland mountains, so we needed a replacement siding product that not only looked good but would remain intact under harsh weather conditions.”

After conducting a siding needs assessment, Everlast® siding was recommended to the homeowners by a local Everlast siding manufacturer’s representative.

Everlast siding’s water and fade resistance made it the perfect selection for the McGorry family’s Deep Creek vacation home. The region receives plenty of snowfall in the winter months followed by summertime sunshine, and Everlast siding provides the optimal exterior solution for all seasons.

Everlast siding consists of a thick and solid composite substrate incorporating C CORE® material technology and polymer resins. In addition, all Everlast colors feature a UV-stable acrylic capstock that allows the product to maintain a beautiful appearance even after decades of exposure to snow and ice, rain, and sun.

Prior to the renovations, the home had a two-toned color scheme that the homeowners preferred, so they selected Everlast Board & Batten Siding in Harbor Blue as well as Everlast Lap Siding in the 7” plank in Seaside Grey. The options offered by Chelsea Building Products, manufacturer of Everlast siding, allowed the family to update their home with a multi-colored and multi-textured exterior finish.

“We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the Everlast siding renovation,” added McGorry. “We knew we wanted to stick with the two-toned approach for our home but with a more durable product. Everlast siding made it an easy decision; it looks great from the outside and has a really sturdy feel to it.”

The Deep Creek vacation home renovations were completed in May 2020.

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