Case Study: North Carolina

Everlast Siding Withstands the Wear and Tear of a Home on Wheels

North Carolina

Monday April 25, 2022

When Brett Mathew of Carolina Tiny Homes began his part-time venture building tiny homes, a minimalistic look that met the durability requirement was at the forefront of his approach. What began with initial library research on tiny homes and building workshops during the day, soon became a part-time project and then ultimately his daily work. The most recent project that Mathew and his crew completed is called “Tiny Tempo,” built for a local North Carolinian and her dog. Given that tiny homes are on wheels, the exterior building products need to hold up against the wear and tear that a traveling home must endure.

"Tiny homes are portable. They need to be able to be hitched to a vehicle and move locations. Therefore, the project needed a lightweight siding product that installed securely and could withstand being driven long distances,” said Ted Endriss of Hood Distribution.

Mathew was introduced to Everlast® siding by Endriss, and in short order, it revealed itself as the ideal solution for what Mathew sought to achieve with Carolina Tiny Homes. Mathew needed a siding material that offered a minimalistic look and required little to no maintenance. Everlast met that standard, and is a lightweight, easy-to-install product that can withstand any environment, whether on wheels or permanent ground.

The tiny home is finished in Everlast Lap Siding in Seaside Grey and completed with Everlast Premium Color-Matched Trim in Storm Grey.

With Everlast siding, the hassle of the material breaking, crumbling, and ultimately needing replacement is avoided. This makes the product a superior choice compared to more brittle siding options that Mathew had used in the past, such as fiber cement. Plus, Everlast siding’s innovative design consists of a thick and solid composite substrate called C CORE® material that is made from a blend of inorganic mineral fragments and polymer resins. To this proprietary substrate, a durable and highly UV-resistant colored acrylic capstock is fused molecularly, then embossed with CedarTouch® finish, delivering an authentic top-grade cedar appearance that will never peel, flake, rot, or crack.

"The first thing someone does when they see a tiny home is walk around and feel the exterior with their hand,” says Mathew. “With vinyl, it is much thinner, and there is a hollow space behind it that users can feel. Everlast siding stands out with its strong and sturdy composition, and an authentic woodgrain texture that imparts long-term durability and weatherability.”

According to Mathew, in addition to meeting the performance and aesthetic requirements of the job, Everlast siding eliminates the respiratory concerns with cutting fiber cement and the risk of injury as it relates to working with sharp pieces of traditional vinyl siding.

The tiny home was completed in January 2022.

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