Understanding Your Warranty

November 18, 2016

As a home or property owner, you want to be certain that all of your investments are protected. Understanding the warranties on all of the products that make up your new or remodeled home or property is an extremely important part of protecting those investments. Roofing and window warranties are two that always come to mind, but don’t forget about siding.

Warranties for siding are available for both the installation and the siding product itself. For example, the company that you hire to install the siding may provide you with a “workmanship warranty” assuring that the product will be installed in a way that meets the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications. This is in addition to local standard practices and codes. It is important to work with an installer who backs their services in this way.

In terms of the siding product itself, there are many different types, and they all approach warranties differently. At different price points and performance characteristics, you will encounter different warranties.

The very best warranties today are for composite siding products because they are formulated and manufactured to withstand any environmental extreme, and require virtually no maintenance. And among composite siding products, some stand out more than others. For example, Everlast® Advanced Composite Siding’s available colors are chemically bonded to the product – not painted on – which means that the siding will never need to be painted. It also has a UV-resistant acrylic cap that provides extreme fade resistance. There is no other product like it on the market – and it has the warranty to match.

Everlast® Advanced Composite Siding is backed by a transferable, Limited Lifetime Warranty. In addition, the product is warranted against hail damage where homeowner’s insurance may not cover.

Read more details about the Everlast® Advanced Composite Siding warranty here.

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