Everlast® Siding Selected for Building Envelope Replacement at the Village at Hager Meadows

Advanced Mineral Composite Siding Chosen for Low Maintenance, Durability, and Thickness

July 14, 2020

OAKMONT, PA (July 14, 2020) Chelsea Building Products, manufacturer of Everlast® advanced composite siding, recently partnered with Hood Distribution (Ayer, MA) and Schernecker Property Services (SPS) for a complete renovation of the condominiums at the Village at Hager Meadows in Marlborough, MA.

Hager Meadows, a 10-building complex that features 84 homes, was built in 1988 with an exterior constructed of low-grade cedar siding. After 30 years of New England weather and continual repainting, the original cedar siding and other construction materials were in dire need of replacement.

SPS, located in Needham, MA, was the company selected for the project. SPS works with condominium communities to evaluate and reconstruct building envelopes, often resulting in a full rehabilitation of the entire community.

“The owners saw our work on a separate project where we used Everlast® siding, Hingham Woods Condominiums, and decided they wanted the same product on all 10 buildings at Hager Meadows,” said Thomas Daniel, vice president of Schernecker Property Services.

To renovate the homes, the team at SPS replaced a combined 1,863 sheets of roof and wall plywood; 8,400 linear feet of rotted framing; 105,000 square feet of commercial-grade building wrap; and a host of other necessary fixes including roof shingles, flashing, trim, doors, windows, and skylights. The homes were then completed with 280,350 linear feet of 4.5-inch Everlast® siding in Seaside Grey.

“Everlast® siding is an alternative for those who want a product with little to no required maintenance and upgraded curb appeal over traditional vinyl siding,” added Daniel. “A complete building envelope renovation with SPS gave owners an opportunity to press the reset button on their community, and Hager Meadows chose to do so with Everlast® siding. When you touch it, you won’t believe it’s not wood. It’s gorgeous,” Daniel remarked.

The key to a high-performance, long-lasting building envelope is selecting the right exterior material that can handle nature’s elements. Owners of the community were pleased with the durability and thickness of the Everlast® siding planks. They also preferred it over traditional siding materials because the Everlast® siding system has far fewer seams when installed.

“Now, instead of having a line item in the budget for painting every five years, they only need to perform the occasional light rinsing of the siding to remove any dust or dirt,” added Daniel.

Everlast® siding combined with the SPS30 complete building envelope replacement ensured that each home in the Hager Meadows community has a high-performance, low-maintenance, and stable building envelope for decades to come.

The renovation at the Village at Hager Meadows was completed in January 2020.

Learn about Everlast® siding’s industry-leading lifetime warranty: https://www.everlastsiding.com/guides/understanding-your-siding-warranty-and-what-it-covers

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