Delivering Everlasting Value to Your Home

December 6, 2021

Most homeowners long for picture-perfect, eye-catching curb appeal for their homes. There are a variety of ways to achieve this: Expertly-sculpted landscaping, a newly-paved driveway, or most importantly, the home’s exterior finish. However, there are a host of considerations when it comes to choosing an exterior cladding product for your home. The material that you select needs to address the architectural style, but true long-term value is in a product’s performance, and how it performs over its lifetime.

Choosing an exterior product that is designed to never have to be replaced gives you assurance that installing it will be the last time you have to be concerned with whole-house exterior renovations ever again. If your goal is to create a forever home, you want a product with proven performance to last in any climate and under all weather conditions: rain, snow, hail, wind, and sun.

Whether updating your current home or building the house you have always dreamed of, the materials you choose for one of your most important investments – your home – should be given critical consideration. If you opt for inexpensive, lower-quality materials, you may need to replace (or at least repaint or repair) your cladding system in five to ten years. Alternatively, there are high-quality siding solutions that can last a lifetime. These materials are a wise investment in your home’s exterior, and choosing them is worth it in both the short and long term.

A Wise Investment

Budget is always a concern when performing home renovations. So, it’s important to consider what kind of return on investment your siding is going to deliver.

For example, products that are less expensive, or made with material that will require future maintenance may look attractive at first, but what will be the long term cost to replace, repair, or refinish these products? Over the life span of your home, these costs can add up.

For new construction, you want your home to look great from the start. A home serves as a statement for those living in it, so installing high-performance siding with the authentic look of real cedar puts you on the path to success when building or buying a new home.

Everlast® advanced composite siding is one of those products that gives you greater value for your investment, because it is designed to last a lifetime. In fact, after initial installation, an occasional light rinsing is all you need to maintain the siding’s original luster. Everlast siding provides superior weatherability and fade resistance, which means no painting is required ever. It consists of a thick and solid composite substrate called C CORE® made from a blend of minerals and polymer resins, advanced material science that leads to enhanced performance and long-term durability.

For example, a custom-built home in Powhatan, VA, needed to meet some high expectations from its owners. According to the builders at Legacy Homes, LLC, “They had a distinct vision for their ‘forever home’ and wanted a material that would offer longevity. They felt that Everlast siding was the superior option out of the host of other siding products they considered.” Everlast Lap Siding and Everlast Board & Batten were both used to clad the entire exterior of the home, delivering the long-term performance and beauty that the owners sought.

Investing in Everlast siding means a greater return on that investment. As a homeowner, you want to get the most for the money you spend on your home’s exterior. Whether it is new construction or an exterior facelift renovation, choosing a product designed to last a lifetime is an effective way to achieve valuable return on investment for your home.

Customization Counts

Everlast siding is offered in different styles and colors to meet the demand of homeowners seeking the authentic look of real cedar siding with the attributes of modern material science. Everlast siding is offered in two styles: Horizontal lap siding and vertical board and batten siding. Each style is offered in a timeless palette of colors that feature a UV-acrylic layer to protect the home from the harshest weather conditions. Everlast siding products can be used in different combinations when desired.

Everlast Lap Siding is offered in two reveal sizes – 4-1/2” and 7” – for additional customization. Everlast Board & Batten Siding features an 11” reveal comprised of a 9” board and a generous 2” batten. Both styles – lap siding and board and batten – are manufactured to 12’ lengths.

With Everlast siding, you can mix and match colors, reveal sizes, or combine the siding with other exterior finishing materials such as stone or brick for an authentic, multi-product finish. This means that Everlast siding is ideal for anything from the renovation of a Colonial-style house in New England or outfitting a complex of new homes that feature half-stone and half-siding in Arizona. The product’s versatility allows builders and homeowners nationwide to utilize it for a variety of applications.

The Last Siding Your Home Will Ever Need

One of many benefits of installing Everlast siding on your home is that it will provide a lifetime of hassle-free, low-maintenance upkeep to keep your home’s exterior looking as it did on day one.

As added assurance, Everlast siding is backed by a transferrable limited lifetime warranty to ensure that your siding will stand the test of time. Having your home under warranty is a bonus if you were to ever sell it, increasing the attractiveness of your property.

The benefits of Everlast siding for homeowners is evident, but choosing it is advantageous for the builder as well. Siding products that are easy to install, reduce labor hours on the job site, and come from a reputable manufacturer can expedite the installation process for builders and contractors. In addition, choosing high-quality products will help drive customer satisfaction by meeting the wants and needs of the homeowner in terms of aesthetics and performance. Happy customers lead to more referrals, less callbacks for repairs, and a steady stream of ongoing business.

And for homeowners, whether planning for your new forever home or upgrading the house you already live in, Everlast siding will allow you to spend your days enjoying your home instead of maintaining it.

It's time for Everlast,
the last siding your home will ever need.